5 Signs You May Be Affected By Uterine Cancer

Uterus cancer is one of the diseases feared by women because of fertility and life is at stake. Therefore, you need to recognize the signs of uterine cancer so you can immediately see a doctor and get the right treatment. The uterus is part of the female reproductive organs. Its main function is as a place to grow and develop the fetus before birth. Unfortunately, cancer cells that appear in this organ can make a woman lose the uterus. Risk Factors and Causes of Uterine Cancer Although the cause of uterine cancer is not yet known with certainty, there are several factors that might increase a woman's risk of this disease, namely: Overweight.60 years and over.Getting your first menstruation before age 12 years.Suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure.Having a family suffering from uterine cancer.Have undergone radiation therapy to the pelvis.Suffer from ovarian tumor or polycystic ovary syndrome.Taking estrogen hormone drugs without progesterone, or taking certain drugs, …
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